“It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera‚Ķ they are made with the eye, heart and head”
Henri Cartier Bresson

Photography for me has and  is, a journey of discovery

It all started off during summer school around the age of 9.  I chose to spend a week walking round London taking photos using an ancient 35mm camera on  black and white film, and developing images in the dark room.  I discovered then, that I did have a creative side.

Fast forward about decade and half later, I bought an old Minolta SLR with kit lens, and rediscovered my interest in photography.    This was just before the digital revolution and I’ve still got boxes of negatives at home with Images from my travels.  I also discovered my love of architecture  with a trip to Gaudi’s Barcelona being one of the highlights.  For most of that time I used auto modes to shoot.

Then my Children came along and I discovered an interest in portraiture .  The digital revolution was well and truly established  which meant I could experiment with manual settings with much less damage to my bank balance

Over the last few years, I discovered that I love telling stories not just capturing images.  I went to capture not only what I see, but how  I see things,

I’m still learning, growing, and discovering.  This is something I hope will never stop.